Al Anderson (Guitar)


    Born of Indian American and African descent in the early ‘50’s. His mother played piano and sang at church, his father a bass player in a R&B band, who, sat in with James Brown in Newark in the late ‘60’s.


    Al was taught music by family members, everyone in the family were either in the military, played music or both. He grew up seeing his aunts and uncles jamming from house to house which lead him to music by buying a bugle from a comic book when he was 13 years old. Graduating from bugle to trombone and from trombone to bass guitar Al joined his first group at 16, called The Centurions, on bass and guitar. After becoming interested in playing guitar his cousin taught him some chords and riffs which directed his interest more into playing guitar.


    His first guitar was a 1965 Telecaster, butterscotch yellow with a maple neck and a Bigsby vibrato which he bought from Manny’s Music on 48th,St. NYC. Having achieved the telecaster he ran away to a Krishna temple to ‘find himself’, this was during the time of the Beatles’ George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh. He later lived in St. Marks’ Place, NYC, spending every hour of every day at the Fillmore East listening to music where he also had the opportunity to meet the most popular bands and artists of the early ‘70’s that played there, becoming close friends with members of Aerosmith.


    In ’72, Al migrated to Boston working at Dorothy Muriel’s Bakery and selling vintage guitars to collectors of that time. From his days of the Fillmore East meetings, Chris Blackwell, Chris Wood and Paul Kossoff invited him to move to England to do solo projects with some Island Record artists. Between these three friends he was introduced to Bob Marley which, gave him a new life and introduction to the world of Reggae. Al directed and executive produced T.O.Ws’ ‘Miracle’ album.